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Our Annual Celebration

Life is about celebration. We are to walk and not grow weary, run, and not faint. We are to soar like eagles. The plan is for us to prosper and live abundantly. So we must celebrate our successes. Celebrate getting to know one another. Our cup is running over. We must rejoice. We have transformed properties, transformed neighborhoods, and made dreams come true. We can't now shy away. We must come together and celebrate. 

Our annual extravaganza takes place at the lovely Claremont Hotel in Berkeley, California. This amazing 4-star hotel and spar sits on a 22-acre lot and boasts breathtaking views of San Francisco. It seamlessly blends its rich history with modern resort amenities for an unforgettable retreat. The imposing Tudor Revival-style palace nestled in the hills is a magnificent landmark that dates from 1915, but it’s the extensive wellness facilities that secure its top spot among the best hotels in the East Bay. The Club offers endless ways to recharge, including three heated outdoor pools, tennis, and other amenities.

We want to give you an unforgettable experience, one that you will want to come back to and enjoy every year. You will be hanging out with other tribe members, with your brothers and sisters, sharing and celebrating your successes and your impact in your family and the world. 

Claremont Hotel.jpg
Flowers on a balcony
Wooden Frame Window
Citrus Fruits
Green Juices

Millionaires Are Created in Real Estate

Flipping America Today is committed to helping you achieve financial success through real estate investment. With more millionaires created in the real estate market than in any other investment arena, it's clear that opportunities are out there for those who know where to look. Our team is here to provide you with the knowledge and resources you need to flip at least one property a year, starting today.

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