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10 Best Ways to Sell a Property Fast

If all properties are not created equal, then certainly not all marketing is equal. We have been in the real estate sales and investment space for 2 decades now and through these years, we have acquired, rehabbed, and sold hundreds of properties. Below is a summary of what we believe are the top 10 ways to sell any property, whether it is a luxury property or one in a low-income neighborhood. All humans are the same and they aspire to live the good life.

1] Make It Sparkle

In real estate, a book is judged by its cover. So, by all means, make the home sparkle and it will attract curious eyes. If you it shine, they will come. Visit this page to learn more how to make a home sparkle

2] Stage It Well

Staging helps sell a home, no doubt about it. Hire the best stager in town who shares your vision. Here at FAT, we flip tons of homes. Tell the stager that you are a member of our tribe and that there's a possibility she will be staging a ton of properties. Let her vision align with yours and you will be amazed how competitive she will be. Everyone wants to be a part of something BIGGER than themselves. She may want to become a part of FAT and be the exclusive stager in your city.

3] Make a Great Video

Videos work and they work wonders. No wonder, YouTube, Facebook and TikTok are all extremely popular. Hook up with the best videographer in your city and, like the stager, he may want to become a part of something BIGGER than himself, and eventually join FAT. That way, he will not just be producing videos. He will take part in a phenomenon. In turn, you will definitely get great pricing and a tribesman...for life.

4] Take Great Photos

Don't be surprised if the videographer is also a great photographer. If not, maybe he knows someone who is and will invite this person to join our tribe. Great things hapen here.

4] Produce a Killer Flyer With QR Lead Capturing Code

Now that you have your photos, get an awesome flyer made. Canva has some great templates. Just replace their photos with yours. If you decide to have a real estate agent the property for you, hire the best one in town. In fact, the best way to give your property the best exposure is through a realtor. Recruit the best realtor in town and like the stager, the videographer, and photographer, she may want to join our tribe. In fact, she will beg to join our tribe especially knowing that we could well become her number one client. She could be our number one source for derelict properties and she could help source all the contractors/subcontractors, stagers, videographers, photographers, cleaners, etc.

5] Yard Signage

If you decide to hire the best realtor in town, that realtor will do most of the work for you. She will place her For Sale sign in the front yard. But let the message be clear: we are always looking for properties such as the one we are now fixing up; we are in the business of vitalizing and beautifying neighborhoods; we boost pride of ownership; this house will be the best on the block and they will be invited to the Open House Party once it is ready. The yard sign must be a lead magnet. make it easy. Install a QR code that leads them to a lead-capturing landing page.

6] Host a Broker Tour

Again, we highly recommend that you hire the best realtor in town who is 100% aligned to serve your real estate needs. The realtor would proudly present your sparkly property to other realtors at the weekly realtor marketing meetings. Which realtor would not want to be the one who presents month after month and be the rising shining star in town.

7] Lead Capturing Open House Party

Every Open House should be a party. Gone are the days when/where realtors sit in an Open House move whenever a mouse walks by. Your Open House should be a party. If your curb appeal is stellar and your teaser price is 20-30% below your reserve price (i.e. what you really want), then you will have an avalanche of buyers waiting for you even before your stipulated open hour. Make sure that you have all your world-class marketing materials ready. Place at least 12 beautiful Open House directional signs pointing them to the house; wear spy glasses to capture the crowd. Install feather flags. Have water, sweets, drinks, even BBQ. In other words, invest handsomely in your listing. Celebrate it. This is the only time that you can have the greatest and lasting impact. This will allow everyone (neighbors, buyers, agents) to know that you do things differently. You do things BIGly.  

8] Walk The Neighborhood

Don't be a secret flipper. You want everyone to know that you beautiful neighborhoods. Make the neighbors your ambassadors. Even if you hire a realtor, make sure that you walk the neighborhood yourself. That way, you get to know the demographic, and people get to know you as the number flipper in town. If you hire an agent, let her walk the neighborhood with you.

9] Broadcast on Social Media

This is where the world socializes nowadays. Take advantage of this sphere and use it to grow your SOI (sphere of influence). Join real estate investment groups on Linkedin and Facebook. Create pages on Instagram and TikTok. Join Create a YouTube channel. Make use of the many FAT video library.

10] Let Your Database Know

They say that your net worth is your network. Grow your database daily. Let them know what you do, that you are a member of FAT. Let them be your ambassadors at work, church and local community.

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