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Ten Best Ways to Source Properties

There are a ton of ways to source flippable properties. Here are the five we consider to be the top.

1] Real Estate Agents

Most real estate agents work full-time in the industry. They are always looking for clients. That's why they pay Zillow,,, and other lead sources hefty fees every month. Oftentimes, those lead sources don't work out quite as well.  The best lead any realtor needs is someone who is willing, able, and ready to close deals. We call this WAR clients. When you become a member of our tribe, you will have the power to lure these agents. You will be the first to know about their coming soon properties, especially those that need work.

2] TV Advertisers

When was the last time you watched TV and saw an ad by cash buyers? TV ads aren't cheap. These advertisers spend $$$ every month to reach property owners who want to sell fast. These advertisers don't buy every property that's presented to them either because the sellers' prices are too high or some other reason. Call these guys and tell them you are a member of our tribe. Ask them to put you on their email/text/call list everytime they have a property they would like to wholesale.

More Ways to Source Flippable Properties

3] Billboards

Like TV ads, billboards are also a very expensive form of marketing and advertising. Let these advertisers spend all the money they want. You simply call them and tell them you are a member of Flipping America Today, and ask them to add you to their email/text/call list. Reach out to them monthly to see if they have any properties that they'd like to wholesale to you.

4] Bandit Signs

Another great source for properties is from those who post bandit signs around town. Let them do the running around. Let them deal with the police and code enforcement in their city. You simply call them and tell them you are a member of Flipping America Today. Tell them to add you to the email/text/call list.

5]  Wholesalers

You can find these online. Just type "property wholesalers near me" and you will get a list of wholesalers in your city. This as well be your best source of properties that you can buy, fix up and sell. These people specialize in wholesaling. They do all the work, get properties under contract at a discount. They don't fix and flip. They risk very little. Sometimes, they put very little in escrow as a form of the Earnest Money Deposit (EMD). Oftentimes, they put nothing down and wait for the flipping to remit the EMD. 

6] Online Groups

Another great way to source flippable properties is by joining online groups. You will find these on Facebook, Linkedin and Go to Facebook, for example, and search for property wholesalers in Groups. You will find a whole bunch. Do the same on and Linkedin. These groups are free to join. Become active in them and you will have success. 

7] Probate

Here's another great source to find great flippable properties. Unfortunately, we are only here for a while. We work hard as if this is the only world we have. Yet, the truth is that we shall all pass away. Oftentimes, heirs don't want to deal with the properties of the decedents and may have the tendency to sell them fast. Probates are published in the legal publications.  This is a more specialized source of properties but could be one of the top 3 sources. Subscribe to a legal publication or make contact with agents who specialize in probate sales in your area. Estate and probate lawyers are another great source.

8] Divorce

Find a legal publication or court filings for divorces. Divorce attorneys and real estate agents specializing in divorce sales are another great source for flippable properties.

9] Foreclosures

Another great source for flippable properties is websites such as,,, etc. 

10] FSBOs

Though these may not be highly discounted simply because the owner wants to net more money, they could also be a great source of flippable properties. If you tell the seller that you are a member of our tribe and you can close fast, they may be willing to take less. If what they accept to take meets our buying criteria then you got yourself a deal. 

As you can see, there's a lot to cover here. Our goal is to help you flip at least 1 property a year. Join our tribe and we will make it happen. Spend 90 minutes with us monthly via Zoom, join the family and start acquiring, rehabbing and flipping properties. You will have such an amazing experience. Join today. 

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